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Kindergarten – Ms. Whitley

January 27, 2010

The task this day for the Art Appreciation Lesson was to sculpt figures, either animal or human using the elongated, stretched-out forms sculpted by Giacometti as inspiration. The children used pipe cleaners and wrapped them in tin foil, then molded their figures.

Giacometti’s sculptures were very often of the human form, in various activities and poses, but not necessarily limited to this. The kids were shown many pictures of Giacometti sculptures, some animal, and asked to make their own sculpture to take home. What came from the lesson were fun figures made by hand by each child, formed and molded to create whatever figure they had imagined. It was a fun, tactile lesson that engaged everyone, even the volunteers!

-lesson conducted by Eliza Buckner and Ellen Maliff

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Lesson in Pointillism

Kindergarten – Mrs. Whitley

April 7, 2010

Project Synopsis:

The students in Ms. Whitley’s kindergarten class were introduced to the pointillism method of painting, and were shown many samples of Georges Seurat’s paintings through his career. A projection of Seurat’s “Eiffel Tower” was shown as inspiration, and the students were asked to make their own Eiffel Tower using only the tip of the paint brush to make dots on the paper. By the end of the lesson, all of the students filled their paper and the result was an array of lovely interpretations of the famed French landmark in an assortment of different colors, shapes and styles!

-lesson conducted by Eliza Buckner and Ellen Maliff

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