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The Starry Night

First Grade – Ms. Smith

November, 2011

An Interpretation Through Texture::
Ms. Smith’s Kindergarten class learned about the works of Vincent Van Gogh and his mastery of creating textures with paint.  The class explored different textures from everyday life.  They took those everyday objects and created an interpretation of Vincent Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night.”  Textures were created using cotton, pasta, grains and other objects. The large black building-like object on the left of the original work was replaced with the Willis Tower, a Chicago landmark building known well to the class.

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Grade 2 – Mrs. Vincent

Volunteers – Mike Ciacciarelli, Alison White, Trina Bauling

Project Synopsis:

For Olympic Day, Mrs. Vincent’s class came up with the team name “Vincent’s Van Goghs” and we created tee-shirts.  After we talked about Vincent’s life, and we looked at some of his work, the kids were encouraged to think about nature and about working fast and loose.  The front of the shirt had a portrait Vincent for them to color, but the back was an empty frame, and they could fill it with whatever they wanted.

What was used:

  • Fabric Markers (bought in bulk from DiscountSchoolSupplies.com)
  • Tee-Shirts (pre-printed with black artwork at tee-shirt shop)
Students’ Response to the Project:
Very Positive
Teacher’s Response to the Project:
Enthusiastic & Supportive.  The kids really wanted to see how her tee-shirt came out.

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