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Grade 2 – Mrs. Vincent

Volunteers – Mike Ciacciarelli, Alison White, Trina Bauling

Project Synopsis:

Using the backs of plastic bowls, spackle, and bags of smooth rocks from the Dollar Store, Mrs. Vincent’s class created small “Niki” projects.  We learned about Niki de Saint Phalle, the artist behind “Niki in the Garden” at Garfield Park Conservatory.  We also read from a great book called “Niki’s World

What was used:

  • Spackle
  • Gems, beads, small rocks (bought cheap in bags at the Dollar Store)
  • stiff paper bowls
  • plastic drop cloths to lay over the desks
Students’ Response to the Project:
Very positive, they really liked working with the spackle and enjoyed talking about how they had to work quickly.  They also found Niki’s life very interesting and inspiring.
Teacher’s Response to the Project:
Great Response
Lessons Learned:
It was EXTREMELY helpful to have one volunteer spackling the bowls while the other volunteer was leading the talk.  The kids probably would have been able to spackle, but it would have taken longer and been a lot messier.  Also, the project should probably be kept indoors when finished.  The original goal was to end up with a garden stone, but the spackle didn’t hold up to rain.

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