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Grade 1 – Mrs. Poteracki


Present a brief biography of the artist.  Have books on hand to show pictures of Pablo.  Talk about Picasso’s Blue Period, Rose Period and Cubism.  Ask a lot of questions regarding feelings.

Have children make Picasso style pumpkins influenced by Cubism, Blue Period or Rose Period (or their own ideas).

Presentation/project took 45 minutes.


What you need:

·       Picasso books (used 2 that were in the Mann library)

·       Picasso posters (in library at Mann)

·       Construction paper – various colors

·       Additional construction paper for mounting

·       Scissors (children had in their desks)

·       Glue sticks (children had in their desks)


Students Response to the Project:

Very positive


Teacher’s Response to the Project:

Very positive.

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MICHELANGELO – Sistine Chapel


Grade 4 – Mr. Hayward

Volunteers – Linda Abrams, Jill Christie

Project Synopsis:

We discussed the history, style and life of Michelangelo.  We read a brief story about the artist and presented pictures of the Sistine Chapel, explaining how he painted flat on his back on a scaffold for four years.  Students taped paper under their desks and sketched a “Michelangelo-inspired” drawing while lying on their backs, with lights dimmed and Renaissance music playing. 


Art volunteers returned the following week to allow students to add color to their pencil drawings.  We worked with powdered paints, mixing the colors with water to achieve the right consistency.  Fresco, figure painting and color were highlighted topics throughout the activity.


What you need:


·       Artist Biography/pictures of Sistine Chapel

·       White construction/sketch paper

·       Pencils

·       Tape

·       Paints/brushes

·       Renaissance music (optional)

Students Response to the Project:

Overall, very positive.  Some complained that their necks hurt while lying under their desk.


Teacher’s Response to the Project:

Very positive.

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