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MONET – Impressionism / Color

Grade 1 – Mrs. Hilton

Volunteer – Patricia Feeley

Project Synopsis: 

The project began with a discussion about the painter Claude Monet, providing some historical background on the artist.  Pictures of his work were shared with the class.  Topics of discussion included, “What color is water?”  “What color is the sky?”  “Water and color both reflect other colors, at times like the sunset.  Color can also describe feelings or emotions.  What color would you use to show if you are happy? Sad?”  



Encourage the students to use colors and shades of colors to create a water lily picture impression.  Ask the students, “What colors would you use for a water lily and its leaves?”  Take out greens and other colors, trace an outline of your hand with fingers together on the piece of paper, using various colors and shading to color it in.  Cut it out. 

Instruct the students to use various shades of blue, purple, and other colors to color the pond.  Then they will paste the lily pad onto the water pond.  The last step is to put the ponds together to form a classroom pond.



LInnea in Monet’s Garden


Students’ Response to Project:  Good

Teacher’s Response to Project:  Good


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