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Grade 1 – Mrs. Poteracki

Volunteer – Sheryl Osbourne

Project Synopsis: 

This project is about an African tribe that paints their houses, and it ties in with a unit on Africa.  It starts with Maya Angelou’s My Painted House, My Friendly Chicken, and Me. It’s a beautiful book about an 8 year old African girl whose best friend is a chicken.  The kids love this.  She tells about how her tribe (the women) paints their houses.  Then, I gave the kids a turkey feather (from Michaels) to use as a paint brush to paint designs on a house template.  They loved the feather, although we found that the feather worked somewhat like an ink pen and was better for design rather than filling in a block of color.  

Materials Required:


Template, paint, feathers (quills)


Give kids design suggestions (wavy lines, swirls, circle within circles, etc.)  ahead of time.  After I assembled the house (cut and tape after paint is dry) I hid a sticker under each house. 


The activity took 45 minutes.

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