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Grade 5 – Mr. Zander

Volunteer – Annouk W. Ellis

Project Synopsis:

In relation to the book “Julie of the Wolves” – introduction to Inuit Art.  Used list of materials from Julian’s Multi-Cultural Center.  Talked about carvings and subsequent printmaking. 

Project A:  students produced black and white drawings in the Inuit fashion (simple shapes telling stories, no landscapes); used square paper 9” x 9”.

Project B:  students made a “spirit doll” like the one from the artifact collection.  We used bones, leather, fur and raffia.  We made simple dolls out of materials the Inuit would use.


Bones (Robinson Ribs and chicken drumsticks work fine)

Fur (Abramson donated scraps of mink)

Leather scraps (cut them in strips)

Good resources from the Oak Park Library:  The Inuit Print (769.9719 NAT.), Inuit Art (704.0397 HES), Eskimo Art (732.2 BUR), Children of the Midnight Sun (970.3 ESK), The Inuit, Author Fleishner, The Inuit, Author Bonvilla)


Have a helper!  Kate King helped me.  She passed around books and pictures.  She also helped the kids get started and analyzed the young artists’ results.    

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Kindergarten – Mrs. Vincent

Volunteer – Sheryl Stoller

Project Synopsis:

The connection between art and writing was the focus.  A picture is contained within a frame.  One thought is expressed in one sentence which is framed in a structure that starts with a capital and ends with a stop sign.  Each sentence has one key subject and one key action.  I had the children tell me the key subject and action of each painting.  I made sentences from their input.  Then I had them draw their own drawings and dictate a sentence about their own drawing that started with a capital, ended with a period, and had one key subject and one key (active voice) action.


Posters:  Hans Holbein the Younger: Portrait of Erasures, Jenkins’s Phenomenona Royal Violet Visitation,

Frame mats used as frames, thick drawing paper, markers, lined paper for sentence titles. 

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