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ROUSSEAU – Rainforest & Fantasy

Grade 4 – Mr. Hayward

Volunteers – Kate King, Carole Jackson


Project Synopsis: 

Featured Artist is Henri Rousseu.  We used 2 posters and 1 small poster/write-up “Repast of the Lion.”  We covered the life of the artist and his style of painting, stressing jungle theme and fantasy (the class was studying rainforests and writing/reading fantasy).   We instructed on drawing leaves – foreground to background and shading.  Rainforest materials were on display in the room because it was their current area of study, so no other resources were needed.

IMPORTANT:  the children took all the green colors out of their boxes and used all the others – stressing the idea of creating green from other colors – or – not using green at all.   When they were done we had them put something in their drawing that did not belong there. 


Colored Pencils

Drawing Paper


Other Suggestions:

 You may want to have the kids use not only colored pencils (had to sharpen frequently and did not get dark enough colors) but also other shading tools (crayons, chalk, etc.)

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Kindergarten – Mrs. Deia

Volunteer – Chris Peters-Novak

Project Synopsis:

“The Cider Mill” by John George Brown discussion evolved around colors, shapes and the seasons (autumn).    Focus on curriculum activities including shapes (circles, squares, triangles, trapezoid and rectangles).  We had apple cake for a snack.

A lot can be done with apples – print making, etc. for the project.  

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