Gallery of Mann – Spring 2014


African Masks

Ms. Pryor’s Fourth Grade – 2013

African Masks

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Art Appreciation Fun 2013-2014

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Paul Klee

3rd Grade, Mrs. Whitley – February 7, 2013

Project: The students started by drawing a self portrait with geometric shapes and exaggerated expressions. They hid meaningful letters, numbers and symbols within their drawings in the style of Klee. They then traced over their pencil drawings and covered the entire drawing with wet tissue paper squares. The paper squares were then removed leaving shapes to create a ‘cubist’ feel. While they created their art they listened to music to draw inspiration, just as Paul Klee did when he created his masterpieces.

Leaders: Peggy Raihle, Eliza Buckner
Paul Klee WriteupPaul Klee Display




Paper Mache: French for “chewed paper” is also known as composite material consisting of paper pieces or pulp, sometimes reinforced with textiles, bound with an adhesive, such as glue, starch, or wallpaper paste.

Project: Create a paper mache jack o’lantern to celebrate Halloween. The students used crumpled newspapers to make a pumpkin shape, then used a mixture of water & glue applied to the pumpkins to attach layers of orange napkins. They then attached black construction paper shapes to create faces, and green pipe cleaners for the stems.

Leader: Alyse Wittenberg; Mr. Kaegi’s 1st Grade Class

Marc Chagall, Imagery & Symbols

Symbol: A word, phrase or image used to designate something that has universal consistent meaning.

Imagery: The use of a group of pictorial images to convey a message.

The Project: 3rd Grade students created stained glass windows using contact paper, construction paper, markers and tissue paper. They used symbols and imagery from class assigned reading.

Leader: Alyse Wittenberg

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